Cash & Burn
Cash & Burn

Episode · 4 months ago

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The Cash & Burn podcast is a weekly conversation with SaaS founders and senior executives about the challenges of creating and scaling SaaS companies.

Guests share their journey of success and setbacks with a primary focus on how they overcame specific issues that could have ended the company.

Hosted by, Brandon Metcalf , Founder and CEO of Place.

Everyone, I'm super excited to announce the launch of my new podcast, cash and burn. I'll be talking with other successful SASS founders and leaders about their stories. We'll dig into some of the biggest obstacles they've had to face and how they overcome them, with the hopes that we all walk away with a lot of information about how to navigate our own SASS journeys. Our first episode is gonna Air on August two. For more information and to subscribe, just quick on the link glove.

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